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Pickup or Delivery?

Here are Some Factors to consider:

Cost versus time.

How much material is required?

How much can my pickup truck or trailer safely haul?

How many trips will it take?

Will it be an advantage to back my pickup truck or trailer to where I need it versus a dump truck?

How much time will it take to clean the material completely out of the bed/bumper etc. of the truck?

Is it worth the wear & tear on the vehicle?

Moving Bulk Material

When shoveling heavy materials, more small shovelfuls is easier on your body than using large shovelfuls. Think about where you are hanging onto your shovel and your posture as you are working. Work at a good pace and do not dwell on how much you still need to move. Try to focus on how much material you already moved, how good it is going to look after you are done, and how much money you are saving by doing it yourself.

Type of vehicle available to haul materials

Consider the following if you are choosing whether to use a pickup truck or trailer to haul bulk materials. Hauling bulk materials is best left up to open pickup truck beds and trailers.

Abuse and cleaning your vehicle

Your pride and joy pickup truck will possibly get dirty and will endure some scratches in the bed when you use it to haul materials. If you are meticulous about your truck, the cleanup of mulch, soil, and stone can take awhile. If you have a trailer with a very old undercarriage consider the problem involved if the axle breaks while on the way home while hauling 2000 lbs worth of bulk stone.

Weight of materials needed

First and foremost is weight, weight of the material to be hauled and the weight capacity of the vehicle. Bulk products such as stone and soil are deceptively heavy. Soil usually weighs 2000 to 2400 lbs per cubic yard. Stone weighs in at 2600 to 3000 lbs per yard. Consider how many cubic yards of material is needed and what the weight capacity of your truck or trailer is.

In general, most small pickups have a weight capacity of about 1000 to 1500 lbs. Which means if your getting soil or stone in a small pickup  ½ a cubic yard will be a good load. Full size pickups usually have weight capacities of 1500 to 2500 lbs, so a ½ cubic yard to 1yrd of soil or stone is typically a safe load.

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