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Mulching Services

For professional mulching expertise, call Alfonza's Landscape Supercenter. We’re a team of mulch experts who want to help you improve your lawn and garden. Get in touch with our team when you need premium mulch, veteran service knowledge, and locally competitive prices. We manufacture our own South Carolina-certified mulch of the highest quality so take advantage of our services today!

Call (803) 407-6396 today for the best mulch services around, brought to you by a proud minority-owned business.

Premium Mulch

Mulch is a multi-use must-have in your garden and landscape. We provide a wide variety of premium mulches for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We know what kind of mulch you need, and we want to be the ones to install it. We have many organic mulches to use in your garden, each offering a different way to improve your curb appeal and boost your garden’s health.

Some examples of the different types of mulch we offer include:

  • Red mulch
  • Brown mulch
  • Chocolate mulch
  • Black mulch
  • Natural mulch

Contact us for a variety of solutions to improve your garden’s look and well-being.

Expert Mulching Services

We’ve crafted our mulch in South Carolina for many years, and nothing makes us happier than bringing it to our clients. Having gained so much experience with this versatile material, we know how to use it to your garden’s advantage.

Mulch can be used to retain water in the soil, suppress unwanted weeds, keep your soil cool, prevent frost from taking hold, and generally improve the look of your garden. It also attracts pollinators and prevents pests.

Please consult our team to make the most of your mulching possibilities with South Carolina’s best mulch supplier.

Upfront Quotes on Mulch

It’s easy for us to draft a quote for your mulching needs. Once we understand your needs and wants, we’ll provide a quote to match. You won’t have additional charges or hidden costs. No guestimates—just a transparent quote from an honest landscaper.

Allow us to discuss our mulch with you and all the possibilities therein. We’ll give you the quote you need to be confident in your decision.

Spring Mulching

When springtime comes around, Alfonza's Landscape Supercenter is the team to call. If you’re preparing your garden for a productive spring and summer, a healthy layer of fresh mulch will go a long way, especially on those rainy days. We’ll set up a mulching plan throughout the year, adding material and changing it when needed.

Fall Mulching

Adding a nice thick layer of mulch over your soil before winter’s blanket of snow falls is a great way to maintain your soil throughout winter and enrich it throughout the spring. We’re the team you should consult to maximize your lawn’s health with mulch throughout the year.

Join the long list of satisfied gardeners who’ve benefitted from our services. We’re so thankful to the residents of Irmo, Chapin, Lexington, Columbia, and the surrounding areas for their continued support of our company!

Contact Alfonza's Landscape Supercenter for Garden Mulch Services

Alfonza's Landscape Supercenter wants to help you with your mulch needs. It’s always a good time to start one of our signature mulching programs with our SC-certified, Alfonza's Landscape Supercenter-made mulch.

Call us today, and one of our expert representatives will orient you toward garden success.

Call Alfonza's Landscape Supercenter today to get started. You can reach us at (803) 407-6396.

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