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Price By The Piece

50 – $35.00

100 – $70.00

200 – $140.00

400 – $280.00

800 – $560.00

1200 – $840.00

1600 – $1120.00

Where do I store my firewood?

While it may be tempting to bring as much firewood as possible into your home all at once, this is not a good idea. With each piece of firewood you bring into your home you run the risk of bringing in unwanted hitchhikers like ants, spiders or other insects.

The better plan is to store your wood outside, protected from the elements under a lean-to or even a tarp. Then you can bring in wood a few pieces at a time as you need it. Avoid storing the wood directly on the ground to prevent moisture from building up on the bottom layers of wood. Instead, use a wood pallet or some type of elevated platform to support your wood. Just make sure it’s in a spot you can get to all winter long.

** Minimum delivery order is 100 pieces