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Tree Trimming & Removal

Tree removal Columbia SC

Alfonza’s Tree removal services are available to help with tree removal/trimming and stump removal by professionals here in Columbia SC. Because trees and shrubs can be impacted by environmental conditions like storms, pests, diseases and climate changes, they often need care and maintenance to keep them in their healthiest condition for survival. That’s why tree owners need to have their trees trimmed and pruned on a regular basis throughout the spring and summer. While some tree owners might be enthusiasts who know how to prune and trim their trees, some might not be sure and accidentally prune their branches too much or make their shrubs too bare.  No worries!  Alfonza’s tree removal and trimming services are here to help!

Alfonza’s tree removal & trimming services are licensed, insured, highly recommended, and provide detailed cost estimates.

Delivery Services


Delivery serviceAlfonza’s customer friendly staff is dedicated to taking care of our customers. Our professional delivery drivers are trained in all facets of their job, whether it is a bulk load delivery or smaller delivery. With our forklifts and dump trucks, we deliver Mulch, Soils, Sand, Gravel, Firewood, BERMUDA, CENTIPEDE, ST. AUGUSTINE or EMPIRE ZOYSIA grass directly to job sites. We also are capable of meeting your larger needs.

Alfonza’s owns and maintains a fleet of delivery trucks that deliver full truckloads of bulk mulch, soil amendments, and groundcover all over Columbia, Lexington, Chapin, Ballentine, Irmo, and surrounding areas in South Carolina.

Same Day & Next Day Deliveries Available. Call (803) 407-6396 For Details

Land Clearing

We are the Columbia SC Land Clearing Professionals
Clearing live trees, dead trees, bushes and also eliminating harmed tornado water drains pipes is all component of our land clearing services. If you’re in demand of land clearing services and also desire a seasoned company that is going to treat your job with focus to information whether it’s little or huge, call Alfonza’s today! (803) 407-6396 Alfonza’s Columbia SC Land Clearing Contractors. Clearing live trees, dead trees, shrubs and removing storm damage is all part of our land clearing services.

– Tree Removal – yard Tidy up – Tree Clearing – Small Property Clearing – Subdivisions Growth – Big Property Clearing – Industrial Clearing – Residential Clearing – Tracks, Roadway Clearing, and grading

Mulch Installation

Mulch InstallationAlfonza’s mulch is used as a protective cover over soil to retain its moisture and thus improve plant life. Quite often landscapers use shrubs, trees, and flowering plants native to South Carolina, but not all soils in Columbia SC can perfectly grow all plants. This is the reason why landscapers install mulches to ensure soil’s nutrients and moisture is maintained.

Mulch can be used for entire garden ‘beds’, borders around homes and structures, and around individual trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. Mulching is an important practice for establishing new plantings, as well as maintaining the health of older, established ones.  In addition to being useful around plants, mulch can also be used as a general groundcover for walkways, trails, and play areas.